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GDC Day 1

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This morning we settled into the new Moscone West Press Lounge. New or not, we still had the same black sofas...and at lunch they rolled out the same wooden sandwiches. Somethings may change, but there are somethings that never change.

It gives one a reassuring sense of the stability of the universe.

New Press Lounge...

...same damn sofas.

I arrived a bit late to the Serious Games Summit, but still caught most of Raph Koster's presentation, A Theory of Fun for Games. I'll have a more complete write-up of this presentation later, for now I'll summarize his theory as "Fun is encountering a new pattern/skill/challenge to master."

Raph, with a sketch of how games could be art...or something...

I'm not sure who let these guys in...

Other sessions I attended today include "A Survey of COTS Used in Education", "Circling Back: How Serious Games is[sic] Helping the Commercial Industry", and "Case Study: VSTEP Emergency Simulations". I'll have those write-ups posted tomorrow or Wednesday.

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