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Jus in case ya bee likin' tis stuff, there's MORE:
The given column I devote to programming everything, that is coupled with DirectX8 - as that Direct3D (first of all), DirectInput... In common all that with it is coupled. All will be with explanations and ready to compilation by examples and ready (compiled) examples. I personally shall explain all this with usage of the compiler Microsoft Visual C ++, sixth version, that and you I advise:). If to you that that is not clear - do not hesitate, ask - I shall try on all to answer...

In common, we start.

Here's ta description of two of'em DirectX tutorials:

Lesson 27 (15.11.2002)
Realization of 2D graphics means Direct3D8

... How 2D-Graphics will help us? Well, the most simple - for a conclusion two-dimensional diagrams. I know it sounds rather silly, but nevertheless. It is useful for realization of interfaces for games (and not only for games), indexes (such as cursors), then for a conclusion of the text, creation of the console, different backgrounds for our 3D games etc. In general, there are a lot of fields of application, eventually it is possible even to make simply 2D game (but thus to use any 3D pieces, like alphablending, multitexturing - it looks perfectly :). ...

Lesson 26 (15.11.2002)
Hedgehogs in a fog or How to use effect of a fog

In the given lesson it is told how to use effect of a fog, its easiest realization. I.e. every possible clouds, a volumetric fog, turbulence, a puff fog etc. remain outside of a theme. The elementary case is rather trivial task for the equipment, the shading of the objects depend on the camera distance. What is it necessary for? ...

Tell me if ya bee needin' more o'tis stuff.

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