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VIDEO: John Hattan GDC Interview

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Alright, we're having some technical difficulties with the file upload right now (the system was put together just before GDC, and hasn't been fully put through its paces), so I'll be dumping video updates into my GDNet and personal web space and providing links to them from here.

My interview with John Hattan, gaining some perspective on his involvement with GDNet, his history with the GDC and his emphasis at this year's conference. Profiles Feature 1.

Edit: Some users were reporting video errors. The upload didn't properly complete, but I've fixed the video file now.

By the way, if anyone wants to convert from Windows Media to a more accessible format, just send me the conversion and I'll replace my file. I don't have extensive video tools right here. Thanks.

Next: My interview with Drew Sikora (Gaiiden).
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Hey olu: the video is a bit weird. It plays for about seven or eight seconds then the audio cuts out for about two then the video restarts, even though the progress bar is only about 25% full.

May be just me, but i thought you would wanna know.

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The audio stopped working after 25 seconds, and the video stops after 30. I like the idea of these video interviews though [smile].

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Yeah, sorry about that. The upload was botched, only completing 551K instead of 3.64M. Fixed now.

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