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Networking busted.... but new version soon.

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For some reason my client server pair was working on the local host, and not working across the net.... So I started to rewrite... maybe I was doing something wrong.

So let us say that there are four players. Each computer runs a server. The server is there to process commands from other computers. Now my server is not threaded this time, so one connection at a time is allowed. This is okay because this is a turn based game. So if its player1's turn, player 2,3, and 4 are only recieving information from player1.

So we have two modes: Provider and Requester. In provider mode we don't have any client requests going out, it is in listening mode. Then once the Provider mode is let know that it is that player's turn it switches to Requester Mode which allows for everything done in that player's game be changing everyone elses.

The first thing that I'll get done is a chat requester. And I'll tie this in with the msgbox example that I have below.
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