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Netwrking... working... kind of...

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Download the following zip:


The zip contains Client.bat and Server.bat (as well as the java files, and vbs file). Run Server to activate the server on your computer on port 2004, and run Client to get hooked up to an ip. (for testing purposes try connecting to yourself).

I found out that because of some wireless router(that are not mine) issues at my apartment I can't host a demo server... I can however connect to other people's computers. So I was able to test it. And it does work.

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Recommended Comments

Let me guess, you kept getting connection refused until you had your server up?

I feel like an idiot.... when I compiled my Requester class I forgot to make it process the command line arguments.... It was connecting to your localhost every time.... -_-'

Replaced the file and reuploaded...

Thanks for trying it out though! And if you redownload and do it again I can see if it works over the net this time :)

I found out that I actually have TWO routers.... I don't have the password for the other one... I think that it is blocking that port because when I tried this out with someone else I could get his server, but he couldn't get mine.... hmmmph... Need to get that password :)

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