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GDC 2005: Sasquatch Spotted at GDC???

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It was around lunch time, and I was walking towards the Press Lounge, when all of the sudden people started screaming. I looked around and saw a couple of people pointing behind me. I turned around and saw... what the heck did I see. It all happened to fast... luckily I still had my camera out since I had just run into a couple of buddies, so I pulled off a couple of shots as quick as my cam would take them. Unfortunately, I had it set to no flash since I was coming from a tutorial session, so it took a time lapse photo for better lighting. Of course, it doesn't quite work for for action shots now does it? Crap. The... thing vanished down a utility corridor and security couldn't seem to track it down.

What was it? How'd it get loose in convention center? Will it maul anyone? (oh please, how awesome would that be? [evil]). Stay tuned for further announcements as we attempt to track down the beast!
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It looks like one of the spies from Splinter Cell. You know what to do: knock him down with your gun and then taunt him while he writhes in pain.

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It looks like a ninja, with a cape, riding a segway scooter. Come on now, your eyes have to be better than what can be seen in that shot (I sure hope so). I think you're just taunting all of us who aren't there [sad].

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sorry, it all happened so quick I can't really remember to clearly what I saw. This image was all I was able to pull off. Believe me, I'm pretty pissed I couldn't figure out what the hell this is...

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You weren't the only one, except mine appeared to be white and fluffy...

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WHAT?!? There's two of these... these... things?!?

Hey Oluseyi, I think you should schedule an interview with the head of conference security. Something screwy's going on here...

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