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Technically done...

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Evil Steve


Technically I'm done. Since I'm using Machinae Supremacy music in the game, I thought I'd better send an E-Mail to check that I'm actually allowed to. If I'm not, then It's easy to use something else, it just involves replacing two files.

I got some sound effects, and did some minor tweaking to my sound manager class. It could really do with a rewrite though. There's far too much code duplication, and too many things do too many different things. I also got rid of the horrible pixel particle effect, and now I have a horrible textured quad particle effect [smile]
And the AI sprite is now at least different from the player's. Although it's really bad...
I'm now making some more maps, some of which are reasonably entertaining.

And I'll be up all night again. I didn't get to sleep till 7:30am, and I have to be up at 11:30am tomorrow. So, plenty of time to get my MUD started [wink]
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