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On impulsiveness and convenience

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This is one of a number of notes I had been taking over the last two to three days but had not made time to upload to the journal. Some of them are directly related to the GDC, which is our current "power showing" event. Some of them are peripherally related to game development, the GDNet community or my attendance at the GDC.

Touching down in Las Vegas, I couldn't help but notice the proximity of the casinos. They even had slot machines in the departure lounges!

I suppose because I'm headed to the GDC I'm seeing everything in terms of games, but isn't that the epitome of casual gaming? Availability, instant gratification, play for as long or as short as you wish. (By the way, I'm loving this phone. It's going to inspire a note of its own shortly, on user interfaces.) I don't gamble, generally, though I do plan to build a poker table for my intended apartment in Brooklyn, but I could are the appeal of playing with some spare change. As game designers and developers, how can we better leverage the notion of "disposable time"?

Maybe I should attend a couple of the mobile gaming sessions.

Turns out that I didn't attend any of the Mobile Games Summit sessions. Oh, well...
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