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Blender: Part Deux

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The Blender UI is not fun. I've heard various people say that it's quite intuitive once you get used to it, but I see that time being far, far away.

I found the Maya interface to be quite nice, but Blender is completely different. I suppose that I shouldn't really complain since it's free, and a lot of work has no doubt gone into it, but it seems crazy to me. I hope that there are really good tutorials, otherwise I don't see me learning Blender.

Ok, enough of my rambling about Blender. GameDev's coverage of the GDC seems quite cool this year. I particularly like the video interviews.
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I've tried modeling using Maya PLE before, but I gave up as I was sucked into other academic pressures. Now I work and have a little free time. But instead of going back to Maya, I decided to try Blender.

You are right. There is nothing intuitive about the UI. I am using the e-book Blender:Noob to Pro to learn. Unfortunately that book emphasizes too much on keyboard shortcuts rather than the Menu buttons. Five pages down the tutorial, I want to do something I did before, but I cant recall the key combinations for the love of god!

Grrr. persistence, persistence!
Is all this pain worth it, if I am not even looking for a career here?

rockypg at yahoo dot com

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