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It's always weird to see pictures of people you've talked to online. I often subconciously build up impressions of what I think people look like, and most of the time I don't even realise I'm doing it until later on when I find something out about them. These "impressions" are never based on anything in perticular, and I haven't even been close with one of them yet when I've seen a real picture. I'm pretty sure that when I first started reading posts from you Oluseyi, I imagined a 20 something white female. lol

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hehe, while I've never bashed Oluseyi I stand on my record of never saying anything online I wouldnt be prepared to stand infront of someone and say in person (granted, depending on the person I might have eyed the exits first and planned a duck and run, but i'd say it non the less [grin])

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NBC? How... traditional. And lame. At least give me the credit of a "new media" outlet, or a guerilla filmmaking commune :P

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