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I swear upon all that is holy that what I am about to tell you is completely true - no lies, no embellishments. This is not some gimmick or anything of mine. I still can't beleive this happened. The odds?!? Good lord... Anyways, as I was walking from the Havok party to the FierceDeveloper party, a group of guys passed me on the sidewalk. One of them stopped me and asked, "Do you know where Gary Street is?" I stopped and thought, but my mind suddenly seized up when I realized the one of the guys standing literally a foot in front of me was none other than Bill Murray himself. He was wearing a light brown trench, his hair was kinda mussed and had this completely expressionless face on. It looked like he was stoned or just really exhausted. He just stared straight ahead, not making eye contact - which, in hindsight, I figure is what stars usually do to try and prevent people from talking to them. I got the hint, got over my initial shock, and answered his... friend? Agent? "Uhmm... uh... you mean Geary Street?" (the street by my hotel). The guy shook his head, "No, Gary Street". I replied "Uhm... no, sorry." He said thanks and the group moved on. Bill never flinched, always stared straight ahead, even tho I was staring at him while talking to the guy. So they just left me standing there, still stunned. I wanted to do something you know? Shake his hand, get his autograph... take his picture - something!. But all I could do was look back and utter "Bill Murray..." A guy at the rear heard me and tossed a look back over his shoulder that cleary said "oh yea, baby!"

At this point I completely lost my mind and started calling everyone I knew. I had seen Bill Murray! In the flesh!!

Wow. I'm not someone who'd die to meet Bill Murray, but seeing any sort of major Hollywood actor such as him is an experience no matter what, especially when he's standing a foot in front of you trying not to be noticed [smile]. This made my week!

Holy crap!1!!pne [wow][wow][wow][wow]
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Uhmm....Who's Bill Murray?
No, seriously...

(Ok, after a bit of googling, I found a picture of him. I know him by face, but not the name. Mainly because of GhostBusters)

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