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Day two observations

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The wireless connection we have here is abysmal. It's possible to connect, but the shared bandwidth is approximately zero. The update I posted yesterday was posted via an unsecured router that was across the street from my hotel that was restarted about every 15 minutes. . .and that was STILL better than the connections available for attendees at the Moscone center. The attendance is expected to double today, so I expect things to get even worse. I'm considering signing up with an AOL account just so I'll have enough bandwidth to post updates.

In stereotypical San Francisco fashion, there's an "Out Of The Closet Thrift Store" on the train route from Moscone to my hotel room. I've been considering checking the place out, mainly because finding a classy black pump in a men's 13 is quite difficult.

Unfortunately, other than the city itself, Moscone has little to offer over the old digs in San Jose. I don't know if it's the fault of the GDC brass or the city itself, but the convention isn't scaling all that well.

The expo hall opens today. We will be providing a full accounting of freebies (including beer) as soon as we're sober enough to write about it.

My pen-count currently stands at minus one. I lost the pen I brought with me and had to buy one at the gift shop, which drops the official count into the negative column. Trust me, I'm as disappointed as you are. According to Dave, gamedev will have 2,500 pens at their expo booth, and I intend to take most of them, so hopefully I'll have a brighter picture tomorrow.
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In other news, you look nothing like I'd pictured you. Neither does just about anyone else.

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John, did you get one of the Samsung HD TVs? That would make up for a lot of Pens...

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