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GDC 2005: It has wings?!?

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So I was riding up the escalator earlier today to the third floor when I happened to glance over at the IGF booths, since I knew I would be hanging out there later, taking shots of the teams at their booths. So I was looking down, when I noticed a tall, black figure standing at one of the booths, playing a game.

Interesting. I still can't quite make out what it is... the photo was taken from quite a distance and I didn't have it set for taking shots from that far, hence the continued bluriness (yes, I am a horrible photographer). I do notice those white things on it's back. Look like wings? I got on the down escalator as soon as I reached the top, but I had to walk around to the far side (they had three going up, and only one going down at that time), so by the time I got back down, it had vanished once again.

Anyways, I didn't notice people screaming or panicking, and no security guards were rushing to apprehend it, so I guess yesterday was an overreaction fabricated by my imagination or something.

Still no sign of the albino one... Oluseyi's currently attempting to track it down...
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If he refuses to interview, convince him the other way, Gaiiden. Show'em what those Gym hours (days?) are for.

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