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GDC 2005: Teh Intarwebs Are Broke

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Hopefully this won't hold true for the rest of the day, but if you notice any slump in our coverage, it's because the internet at the conference completely tanked today. The press room, the general lobby, everything is down. You can't even connect to the wireless router in the press lounge, and popping in the RJ-45 doesn't help either. Hell, I had to walk back to my hotel (where I am now) in order to post my morning update!!

So again, hopefully this won't last long - I've been told people are working on it (but then, that's what they always say), so hopefully we'll be able to keep providing you with the "live" coverage as the day goes on. But if not, log on around 9-11pm PST because we'll be posting a crapload of stuff all at once from our hotels!
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