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Closer, closer, cloooseeeer...

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Emmanuel Deloget


I'd like to say that the GDC coverage is AMAZING. Thanks to the whole GDnet team (they are working hard to provide us these informations).

Linux programming

It has been a long time since I stopped linux programming. Something like 4 to 5 years in fact (I attended the guadec 2000 in Paris, and the guys I saw there were stupid and disgusting - I really felt bad because of them and I stopped my collaboration with Tony Gale and Erik Mouw immediately (despite their human qualities), mainly because I decided to beleive that they were all the same). My company sold some Linux/Qt/MySQL work to another company.

Some points:
1) Mandrake 10.1 is really a PITA. On the machine I use (a DELL PowerEdge 750) the kernel 2.6 do not see the TEAC CD-ROM, while the 2?4 sees it. Stupid.
2) there are numerous problems with the "control panel" (example: renaming a user do not rename the user home directory, but change the home directory in the password file - maybe it works in the general case...)
3) harddrake is stupid. It decided that my mouse is a USB mouse. It is a PS2 mouse. I initially added harddrake in the init.d services - but it systematically updated my X configuration to tell the server that I use a USB mouse - X without a mouse is not teh funnay.
4) I really though that KDevelop was intelligent. It seems he can import Makefile based-projects - it cannot create them (in the default Mandrake configuration).

...and so on...

Anyway, I'm pleased with this box.


Next entry - all about the graphic engine! - : what we already done, and what we still have to do.

See you soon.
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