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GDC Day 3 - Prize Notification

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GDC Day 3 - Prize Notification

I won a Samsung 23" wide HDTV monitor (which will work as a TV). Why? Because I'm skilled? Talented? Stunningly good looking? While all of those are true, they're not how I won.

I won by being a contrarion. The guy at the door offered me a black card and I said, "Hell, no. Everything I own is black. Give me one with some color. Give me the yellow one."

And that's all it took.

Colorful contrarions of the world unite!

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Heh, I came THIS close to asking for a different color because I just didn't like yellow. But the thousands of people in line behind me all glared at me, so I just took the silly yellow one. Heh.

I guess I won't complain =)

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