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You know when you get to that point where your code is such a mess that you can't simply add new features to it without looking in ten billion places to make sure it won't mess up anything? (this is where you nod your head, and say yes H_o_p_s)

I had the networking just about halfway integrated when I did something that caused the entire thing to not work right. I couldn't track it down because it wasn't providing an error message, it just wasn't working... such a pain. So in order to fix this little problem I started doing another bout of refactoring.

When I am done I'll have redone most of the underlying classes... And if anybody knows that is reading this: If I store a BufferedImage into a Hashmap, and pull it out every time I need it is it accelerated?? If not this could be causing much of my problems with the slow FPS.

The next version that I'll post up will be when I am done with this refactoring (think Monday since I have midterms thurs and friday). This version will have networking support for chat!! Yay!

As far as school goes, nothing beats having to take three midterms in one day... I am completely exhausted. It didn't help that I couldn't get to sleep until 4:30am, only to have to wake up at 8:30. Tomorrow the flute choir that I am a part of is having a concert, so quite a big deal... Can't wait till spring break where I can really put some time into my project :)
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