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That's funny, he doesn't look demonic

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Some random musings so far on my trip to the GDC:

Dave: That's odd. He doesn't look a thing like all those photoshopped pics.

IDGA + Serious Games + Mobile Gaming = Some serious professionalism. The ratio of geeks to suits has changed in the last few years since I attended. Military types, government types, academics. Yikes! This is not your father's GDC!

Indie Gaming: Okay, where else can you see a game featuring a vegan bull riding a bike through a fully realized city GTA-style while performing missions to rescue animals from cosmetic testing? It's Steer Madness, and it even features a voice acted story with cutscenes (um, not sure if that's good but the quality's there) and music from up and coming indie bands.

Slitherine Strategies put in a great showing with a Roman-themed RPG / RTS called Legion II. You can chose a huge range of special skills and abilities as your people improve (kinda like Gladius meets Rome: Total War). It also has a great tactical planning element and nice engine for zooming in on the fighting by hundreds of units. Nice to see some developers making sales! 100k units, according to Director JD McNeil, but he explained that they've got to deal with lots of small publishers throughout Europe to survive. Internet sales, unfortunately, are still just a drop in the bucket.

Alien Hominid by the Behemoth also looked very nice. Twisted Stitch-like character takes on lantern jaw CIA suits, iron-fisted robots and hordes of other baddies in this quirky, fast paced side scroller. 7k sales on the Internet with no advertising I think the designer said, and already coming out on the GameCube! Now that's some success!

Feet: Oy! Man, you'd think working out twice a day for weeks and weeks would prepare you for all that standing and walking. No such luck. I wonder if any of the booth babes are giving out foot messages...? [rolleyes]

I PROMISE NOT TO CHOKE PEOPLE... But the well dressed, doll-like exec lady who was whining about sci-fi and medieval games at E3... hold me back, fellas!!!! Hold me back! (Lady, you're lucky the readers of GameDev.net are holding me back because... ohh, man!)

The Hotel Westin
28 gram jar of nuts... $10.50
Crappy internet service that repeatedly times out, forces you to rewrite your journal entry twice because of some stupid login-in screen and must be renewed each day... $14.75
Being awakened by the screech of metal from loading trucks at 4 am... Priceless!
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Your complaint about the feet reminds me of something I once heard about a trade show Apple went to.

Person A (who I'm not terribly sure I remember the name of, it's been awhile since I heard this story) has been working all day at the trade show, and complains about his feet. Steve Jobs has been walking around the show even longer than him, and seems to be doing fine.

After awhile later, Person A becomes curious as to why Jobs has absolutely no problems with his feet, and walks over to ask.

Jobs takes him aside and shares his secret with him -- every two hours he would go to the washroom, take off his shoes and stand in the toilet bowl. The flushing apparently created some sort of poor man's Jacuzzi. [grin]

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