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So I know I'm late in updating... I feel bad, but most of yesterday was reported in DavidRM's journal, so why repeat?

This lovely pix is of pineapples, which made their appearance again at our roundtable. DavidRM complimented me with my composition in photography.

And here's a pix of Michelle Sorger getting her tag signed by Toru Iwatani, creator of Pac-Man.

I was one of the holders of the passe black HD Era tag, but everyone I met afterwards seems to have won a HDTV. :(

I'm behind in my session updates, but I have gotten some pix uploaded onto the Photo Gallery.

Pix of the parties tonight were on other people's cameras. We went to the IASIG party, Course PTR party, and Linden Labs. We talked to Will Wright and then found Tess Snider, of Imaginary Numbers.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day. We have a ton more interviews to go through, starting at 8:30 AM!

Our roundtable had about 50 people and we hope people liked it.
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