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GDC Day 3

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As I already mentioned, I started GDC Day 3 by winning a TV (Microsoft gave away 1000 of those). A nice way to start the day. :)

The sessions I went to, and will upload coverage of later today, are J Allards alleged "Keynote", Stephen Rubin's "IP Deal Breakers: The Five Intellectual Property Rights Developers Should Not Bargain Away", and the "Attracting Women to Game Development" roundtable discussion.

Day 3 Party Track

The party started with the Expo Booth Crawl, which I spent mostly in the Singapore booth talking with people I met in Singapore last year.

From there I headed over to the audio party at the Chieftain Irish Pub, meeting up with my companions for the evening Eric Cha, Michelle Sorger, Sande Chen and Elaine Cho. Here are pictures from there:

From there we walked over to the Course authors party. Eric and Elaine aren't authors, but we didn't hold that against them. This picture is of Dave Astle and Emi Smith (Sande & my editor):

Finally, we made it to the very crowded Linden Lab's Second Life party. We ran into Will Wright there, and talked to him briefly.

On the way back to the hotel, we saw some construction workers cutting into the street. I thought it looked it pretty cool, so I snapped off a picture:


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