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Reporter at large..

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Hey Gamedev.net Development fans..

Live from the GDC 2005, it's adventuredesign checking with the community. I've got some exciting and useful events and initiatives I'm covering for your benefit, as well as some industry tradewinds puffs here and there while scooping around the conference well hidden in my innocuous loser disguise..

Some of the business, marketing and production aspects I'll be posting on soon as the articles come out of the drafting process will be:

The game connection, a GDC initiative bringing developers and publishers together in a unique, effective and efficient way, including an interview with an acquistions associate with a game publisher who tipped your reporter on the new Carmageddon coming out next year. This article will include information on what to do when the face to face over the table with the publisher meet when selling your vision and your executable simultaneously in that magic meeting space called the pitch and the demo..

Gary Molyneux's presentation in the Vision Track lecture on "Gameplay Moves Forward into the 21st Century" and a look into Black & White II, where Gary and Ron Miller of Warcraft fame detail the merging of the God game and RTS games genres in that title.. tasty tasty stuff..

I've also got coverage on a Developer's Roundtable Discussion on Communications Strategies for Design and Production, with input from designers, project managers and producers from: Rockstar, Sony, Red Storm, THQ, Take 2 and others.. very useful information on how the pro's handle internal communications while in development..

I'll be also covering later today the bottom line on licensing, content management for Halo 2, and some interesting stuff on Science Design in Cinema, Games and Life..

Floating around the conference this year in the subtle undercurrents of attendees I spot interviewed were university department heads developing bachelor's degree academic programs in game design in Norway, Venture Capitalists from the Ukraine acquiring game development companys, and for a later potential interview and article, Patrick Kennedy, formerly EVP of Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment on physics as a commodity..

It will take me some time to get all these hastily scrawled notes into proper shape for members to benefit from them, so stay tuned...

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