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Optical Illusions in Computer Graphics #3

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I've moved hosting of my optical illusion project to here on GameDev. Link for great justice.

I planned the next entry to include my screenshots, so I will copy the screenshots page to here.

Die Schirmschusse fur alle

Demo 0

Basically just getting the isometric map rendering without any effects.

Demo 1

This is the isometric map of demo 0 with the primrose illusion rendered underneath, utilizing a different set of colors.

Demo 2

The illusion effect in demo 1 was not very strong, specifically because of the isometric projection. I attempted to return the pattern of the illusion itself to a normal orthographics projection, and then clip it down to fit the map, but the results were not impressive.

Demo 3

This is the demo that can be viewed in the isometric map demo under the demos page. Only a small portion of the illusion pattern is revealed at any one point in time, and that portion sweeps across the screen, giving the effect of a moving wave. This, however, is very subtle, leading me to rethink the perspective of the project.

Demo 4

This is the demo that can be viewed in the orthographic map demo under the demos page. It utilizes both the primrose field illusion for the water and the bulge illusion for the hills. This is the strongest demo so far. I will most likely make a game similar to Fire Emblem on the GameBoy Advance (yes, I will even develope it on the GBA).
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This looks like an interesting visual effect for video games. You might consider what happens if you look at the image for long periods of time - not that something is wrong, it just occured to me it might be an issue..

Lookin sharp!

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That looks really amazing! I can't wait to see it used in a game. I'm also gonna read some of those papers later.

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c-gibson-s: The images do cause motion sickness in some people over extended viewing. However, I have a theory about this which I will further test and experiment with in the course of my research. I hypothesize that the motion sickness is due to the fact that the viewer expects the image to remain stationary, knowing that it is a static image, but cannot rationalize their expectations with what they can see. Given the illusion in the context of a game, freely moving and flowing, I expect the motion sickness to not manifest, as the viewer will not have the same expectations of the image, they will more readily accept the image as "fact" and move on, completely unaware that they are actually viewing an illusion.

Stompy9999: I suggest "Phenomenal Characteristics of the Peripheral Drift Illusion" by Kitaoka and Ashida and "The frame of reference in anomalous motion illusions and ergonomics of human fallacy" also by Kitaoka. Actually, anything by Akiyoshi Kitaoka is good.

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