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Oi yar!!

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Okay, only two more midterms to go... then its spring break!
I found out that maybe my SpriteCache class wasn't allowing the images to be accelerated... I was going to be really happy because this would make it so that once I fixed that problem that it would be a bunch faster, but to no success... using a BufferedImage[] versus a hashmap to store BufferedImages doesn't create a change in performance...

I am in the middle of rewriting the base tracker class (the class responisble for tracking all game objects) so that any action done to it goes through the local server. So instead of the tracker actually handling the objects, it pipes it directly into the server side operation list to be executed. This makes it so there is no difference between your computer telling Actor_001 to move South versus the guy your playing telling Actor_001 to move south.

In order to make the networking work I startedd using a Serialized String as a command, and send it through the socket connection to all connections. This way if it is player2's turn it'll serialize each of the commands done on player2's machine and send it over to player1.

Monday I should have the example up that both has chat and Actor movement through the networking...

Anyway, got some work to do... can't wait until spring break!!
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