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A step into the past

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A little off topic here... I found this poem that I wrote for my girlfriend (who is now my wife) back in 1991. Life was grand at Penn State. When I wasn't drunk I was a hopeless romantic or maybe I was a hopeless romantic when I was drunk. It all seems fuzzy now...anyway...enjoy.

It is the climb
upon the steps of existence
which enfolds the ways
of ones subsistence...

As I moved through the
winding fibers of time.
Scaling the spiraling
staircase of mine.
I stopped for a moment
to ponder with the mind.
When I reach this apex,
what will I find?

I turned to continue
my ascent upon the throne,
which wound its way upward,
built of polished stone.
But there she stood,
atop the following flight.
The fairest of all maidens,
a princess showing bright.

The warm winds of beauty
that swirled from her display
wisped around the emotions
that call on Passions play.
It was these gentle winds
that led me up the stair,
to quell my inquisition
and look upon her fair.

The brilliance of her locks
Which curled in stygian hue,
brought a wave of splendor
from her eyes of deepest blue.
The softness of her face
Inlaid with velvet skin,
gave way to her sweet lips
as the parted to a grin.

Entrapment was my fate
when I looked into her eyes;
To see a mornings dawn
give birth to a sunrise.
And the gaze to which of mine
became a lasting stair,
as the streaming newborn rays
passed gently through her hair.

I took her hand in mine
and bowed to single knee,
placed my lips upon her skin
and kissed it tenderly.
The scent that laced her figure
so soft and pleasantly
was drawn from Natures flowers
and bound with Eternity.

The trembling in my body
was quieted by her hand.
The shakiness had left me,
but I could not come to stand.
She rose me to my feet
and caressed me with her nips.
The sweetness in her breath
then swept across my lips.

The radiance of her essence
rushed through this passive form
and grasped the mangled heart
which lay so badly torn.
Kindling the fading aura,
it soothed the hurt and pain.
Tindered the spiritual tourch
and brought back the dying flame.

When the kiss had finished
she looked across the sky.
Nodding to falling West,
the Angel yearned to fly.
I stood there in bewilderment,
For I knew this could not be.
The setting of the fiery globe
must be deceiving me.

But where had it all gone,
the time which spans this day.
Wrapped within her loving arms
it had all but slipped away.
I knew I could not keep her,
this mistress of the light.
Whose comeliness had saved me
from Sorrows lonely plight.

Then she left my side
and rose up through the air
leaving me a tiny speck,
still standing on the stair.
It was then that I took notice,
as she was far away,
that Silence had befriended me
and yet it had betrayed.

Wait! I began to utter
As I bellowed out in vain.
I cannot climb another step
without the knowledge of your name.
I waited for an answer
and longed for a reply,
nothing but the silent breeze
came from the crimson sky.

I stood there on the steps,
Which was bathed in Days twilight,
and watched the triumph of the moon
as the sky gave way to Night.
With the weariness of hours
that came to pass with time.
I fell to slumber with the stars
under the grayness of their shine.

That state which overcame me
was only hours old
when it decided to release me
and let its sleepy hold.
Slowly came my senses
as from this dormancy I crept.
I woke to the blazing sun
back from the heavens where it slept.

As the daystar, in its arc,
climbed to its pinnacle in the sky,
I began again my quest
to seek where destiny did lie.
With renewal of my ascent
came the memory of the girl.
The one who had not spoken
yet brought hope into my world.

The image was so vivid
recreated by my desire.
Every detailed feature,
the patterned lace on her attire.
I closed my eyes to hold
the remembrance of her smile
and feeling of her touch
when I held her just a while.

The breeze around me shifted.
The daydream wavered in demise.
I was blinded by a brightness
When I lifted up my eyes.
Then it was all gone,
the light which caused the glare.
It left behind the Princess
floating just above the stair

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