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I am a walking finite state machine...

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in need of much better goal scheduling and pathfinding...

Don't mind that grey fluid leaking out of my ears. It's just the jellied remnants of my brain.

Four AI talks in two days. And I'm a newbie to the subject. Yes, I enjoy pain.

Still, the gnarled, cramped claw of a notetaking hand was worth it. I got to peak under the hood of Halo 2, Fear, Condemned, Tribes 2, S.W.A.T. 4 and Killzone. Though a noob, I was fortunately still able to ask some intelligent questions (always a risk when you're in a room filled with entities several orders of magnitude more skilled than you are).

Now that I've severely curbed my own game development enthusiasm, all I need to do is get that stain out of my jacket...
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