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GDC 2005: Graft Grab Part 3

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Here's my haul for Day 4. There were a ton of CRM mouse pads at the authors party, so I picked up a few, then I ran down a few more cool things from the show floor while I was on it before it was open that morning.

Since I was one of the first 25 people to the IGDA luncheon, I got a free book from CRM, so I of course picked up the newly printed GPG5. Oh yea baby.

Then, while at the FATE preview, DaveRM told one of the people there that he was snatching a poster, so after the event was over he got first dibs, but I got seconds, and so I swiped this druid guy with cool particle effects eminating from his hands.

Last day today. Let's see what I can snatch up!

Part 2
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