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Final Day

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I'm exhausted. It's 9:26 AM and I should already be on the expo floor, but I haven't even showered yet. I'm in Graham's hotel room (I haven't been back to Art's place for two days, what with all the responsibilities at the GDC) trying to gather the energy to get my butt out there.

By now all of you should have seen the pictures of John Hattan and I swilling the free beer on Wednesday. Good times, good times. I uploaded a video interview with Reactor Interactive, all three principals of which are members. Their first game, Sector 13, was on display at the GDNet booth both to attract attention and serve as a testament to the power and possibility of this community. Once I get back to the expo floor and get some proper names and titles, I'll upload my Booth Crawl video - which includes video of booth babes saying ridiculous things!

Well, don't get overexcited. There were only a couple of booths with babes. Apparently, there was a sentiment that booth babes repulsed women developers. I'll have to get perspectives from Sande Chen and Michelle Sorger on that... Thus the extremely lightweight booth babes photo gallery.

Today I should be able to corral a final round of interviews, including one with, which is a wonderful resource with very interesting perspectives on the function and proper use of music in games.

More to come later. I have to get up and out of here in the next 30 minutes!
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The interview with Reactor Interactive was top-notch =)

Now get back to those beers [grin]

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hahaha [smile] I remember feeling like this my first year out. It doesn'y get any better buddy [evil] muahahahaha....

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