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Well I tried to encapsulate my object base class and my globals into some classes, and encapsulate that in a namespace. The end result:

// game data namespace

namespace Game_Data

// Basic object data

struct SObject

bool alive;
int x, y;
int width, height;


// Base object class

class CObject


SObject m_Sdata;

virtual CObject();
virtual ~CObject();

virtual void m_Handle() = 0;
virtual void m_Draw() = 0;


// Game globals

struct SGlobals

bool gamerunning;
BITMAP *buffer;
BITMAP *sprites;
int *gamedata;



Trying to finally use some of those C++ techniques I learned. Hope it won't backfire on me later...

I hope to use the sprites pointer to allocate many sprites into an array. Same with gamedata.
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