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Spring Break!!!

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Finally... this week took forever.

Did some more work on the networking side of things so that it could keep better track of the people connected. It also keeps to port open :)

So now when a client connects to any of the servers the server will send the new client a list of all of his ips. It also handles support for having more than one client on a single internet connection. This is essential for my testing... otherwise I would have to call up my little brother everytime that I wanted to test something out.

The Status Object, which is responsible for all changes in game status such as moving actors and everything, is now directly accessed by the Server Object. This way if I locally press 'enter' it sends the command to the Status Object, and if I send the command to press enter from across the states, it still does exactly the same thing.

I decided that Remote clients won't have control over the CameraX and CameraY, this way each person can place the camera where they want when its the other player's turn. The cursor actor also won't be updated my remote servers. With these two things disabled we get the ability to have the clients check stats and health while the other team is beating them up...

I'm still planning on a Monday release of the Networked demo, so prepare yourselves!!
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