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GDC 2005: Graft Grab Part 4

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The final graft grab. It kinda stunk. I had to be at the IGF booths during lunch to take photos, and then the Game Developers Rant session ran half an hour over time, so I only got 30 mins in the Expo today. Hence the meager aquisitions. I was hoping to get doubles or triples of everything, but not so. I did get doubles of some stuff and triples of some stuff too, but not a lot.

Here's my collection of unique pens, 10 in all.

Here's my complete pen collection, 17 in all. I think John may have beaten me, but probably not by much if so [smile]

My poor Oddworld Inhabitants pin has been lonely for three long years, and now it finally gets a whole lot of company. Pins were another trend this year, and I made sure I got my fill.

Part 3
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