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My brain hurts.

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So I've been working alot on recoding the Stompy engine today. It's taking alot less time than I thought, but than again I haven't put the enemy code in there yet...

I was sitting there making my player class, when the thought hit me, I want to make a space shooter game. The only thing that has held me back from this is my terrible art, and that none of the spritelib and other spaceship sprites never really fit the style I want. Maybe I'll ask some 1dp artists to help with it once I'm done with Stompy.

I was looking around the various developer journals here and found a bunch of cool projects I would like to play. Here is my list:

- Manta-X by Evoluotional
- Java Tactics by H_O_P_S
- CSRPG 2 by Ravuya
- Druink Bomberman by EvilSteve

Unfortuenetly the latter of which dosen't work on my computer (I think it requires DirectX 9 which I don't have).

Well anyways, back to work. I'll see if I can have a screenshot up by the end of tonight.
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Hah, I knew I forgot to advertise on my journal. :) Take a look at my current project and see if you want to try it.

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CSRPG 1 was excellent so I'll look forward to playing the second one. I'll add it to The List.

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