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Halfway there!

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Well I finished for the most part. Just no enemies yet. Here is a screenshot:

Although on the outside it doesn't look different, inside the difference is night and day. The game engine is now completely object oriented, which helps me to keep the code organized.

Next step: Things to shoot
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It certainly does make a difference when you goto an object oreintated programming style. I remember when all my code was procedural.... Now I look back and wonder how I got through life while coding like that :|

Is the point of RUN, STOMPY RUN! To shoot the little heads, but not hit the one that is different??

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I definetly need to change that background. The point of the origional Stompy was to run away from the enemy soldiers. The new one is about shooting them Robotron 2084 style.

The big head is Stompy, by the way[grin]

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