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I finally got some of the seperate classes that I've been working on integrated into the main javatactics class... so now by hitting 'C' is brings up the SpriteChache viewer, 'L' brings up the log, 'S' brings up the send command interface (option to send it to clients from there as well), and 'P' pauses the game.

I was really quite startled to find out how difficult it was to get the game to simply pause, I kept getting the render loop to pause halfway through its rendering, and then call the strategy.show(); Then once I had that figured out I couldn't get it to unpause because it was no longer calling my status class for updating... but fixed now :)

I still need to add the shading eninge GUI. When you are creating new maps, the map maker makes the tiles with the default shade level, however if you want you can go into each tile and change the shading level because they are not computed at every frame, just stored in the Tile class.

Anyway, lots more to do before tomorrows demo :)
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