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MultiMethod and Linux problems

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Yesterday I wanted to add collision handling to Daedalus. After thinking about how to do this, and searching around on the internet, I found that the Loki library had something that would make a very elegant solution to this problem. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the compiler to compile it. I've contacted someone about this, so hopefully it will sort itself out shortly.

Then today I decided to see if my Linux port was still working. After trying to find a bug for about an hour and a half, I found out file permissions were set incorrectly. Version 0.1 of Daedalus works on linux, as is War of the Roses 1.01. However, only a debug executable. I've been unable to coax Eclipse into compiling a release version.

The linux port of the working version was able to compile the Loki code, but it is now choking on the changed resource loader with some kind of parse error. Tonight I'll give the code a compile on windows in Dev-C++ and I'll see what that does.
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