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Pre-postmortem and post-postmortem

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The airport-postmortem is below the line.

The second suitcase was delivered around 5:00 yesterday. It's intact. The other suitcase was dropped off at the Samsonite store for warranty zipper-replacement.

Final pen-count is around 40. I'll have a good rant about web-games coming up soon. Stay tuned!
Much like last year, I'm writing my final GDC update and postmortem while in the airport waiting for my flight. Finally got to see a bit of San Francisco early this afternoon when we made a short picnic-stop at a little bayside park near the format Presidio (now the home of Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic). Saw the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz through early afternoon fog, which seems strangely fitting for the view.

I stayed around the expo floor until the bitter end, otherwise known as 3:30 pm Friday. You could definitely see the folks who were the "professional" trade show folks, as they had their booths broken down and were carting their little wheeled "trade show-booth-in-a-case" boxes outta the place by 3:45. I hung around for about an extra hour, as we didn't have all of Oluseyi's video encoded on his laptop yet, and all the video was done on my video camera. We didn't have an annual GDC wrapup dinner this time, as just about everybody's plane was leaving one or two hours after the GDC ended. We weren't leaving until the next day, so we had time to take things a bit slower. There's a nice little Greek restaurant a block away from the hotel, so Shelly and I grabbed a couple of kabobs and humus. There's also a great little organic-homeopathic-new-agey-whatever-fruit-n-vegetable store on the way back, and they have free samples of all their stuff there, so Maggie had plenty of opportunity to graze on fruit on the way back. They had some really good fresh mangos that Maggie fell in love with, so we grabbed one of those to eat at the hotel.

San Francisco Travel Tip: It was over $100 cheaper to fly into Oakland rather than San Francisco, and $10 worth of mass-transit fare dropped us off right in front of our hotel. Check it out if you're traveling.

Attended the indie roundtable on Friday morning. I think the best thing I get out of those roundtables are URLs. This time I found that with about $30 and a little effort, you can get your product listed on Amazon.

And, like at most GDC's, I decided to change my focus. I'd been holding off on finding a publisher for my stuff, but I think I'll start shopping my new games around to 'em. It certainly couldn't hurt, and having someone else publish my games would be significantly less hassle than rolling it myself.

Back to Texas to recuperate for a day, then back to real work on Monday. Hope you enjoyed the coverage!
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