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fond memories...

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I was in my room the other day when I found an old gamedev book of mine. This book came with a gamedev kit I bought a long time ago. In truth, this kit is really what turned me away from gamedev for awhile. It wasn't that it was bad, I mean it did come with a nice C++ compiler and a modeling program, it's just if you didn't know C++, you would be confused. It also came with DirectX7, which at the time, was the latest DX.

Anyway, the book is called "Secrets of the Sages" and it has many interviews from Game developers from different companies. It has some very nice code samples throughout the book. For instance, it has the code used to port Quake from 8-bit to 16-bit pixel format. It also explains a method called duff's device which is used to unroll a loop using no breaks in a switch statement.

So the moral of the story is that DirectX7 rulez and DirectX8 droolz, I think. Maybe I didn't interrpret the message correctly...
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Ah, I had that book too. It came with the "Game Development Kit". What a scam that was -- free version of MSVC Educational plus an outdated copy of Genesis3D.

Book was okay, but not great.

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I flipped through all of them, but the programming section was especially sparse. I also didn't get a modelling kit with it, I ended up buying MilkShape (and then lost the serial number so I can't register the latest version).

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The funny thing was I installed all of the files on an old Windows 95 OS, only to find that the compiler wouldn't work.

I don't even have the CD that all the files came on. I just have the book...

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I believe I tossed the CDs. They were definitely useful once I moved away from DirectX-based stuff to platform independence.

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