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Well, kind of late, but still good?

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I know, I know. I promised to post a message every night at GDC, and now it's Monday :) I think I promised my fiancee more or less the same thing too :/ doh!

My laptop bit the dust at GDC, so I have to get it repaired, I'm going to say that's the reason and not me being too entrenched in everything ;)

I did take a lot of pictures and covered quite a few sessions, so I'll definitely get that going.

Sorry! :)
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Was using it and the backlight burnt out on its own. Nothing else is screwed up, but no monitor visibility stopped me from being productive with it =/ No data loss at least, just have to get the screen fixed.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Oh no! you broke the internet


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So... when and how do you want the pictures? My laptop had a bizarre experience, in which the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing service mysteriously disappeared, but I've got it back up. As a preemptive move, I backed your data up to my thumbdrive, but it seems to have lost a few files, which lead to this mini-rant.

Anyway, PM or email me, or holla whenever next I get the chance to check into #gamedev.


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