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al....mos....t... th....ere....

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Yesterday I spent some 18 hours of programming, minus the time for eating, bathrooming, and posting on these forums.

I said that I'd get the demo out today, and I will!!! I will I will I will. Just not quite yet. Certainly by 6:00 though. And I figure that most people have work/school to occupy themselves until then.

So some features that will be included in the demo:
Better Scrolling Algo
Custom Shading Engine
Network Connection
Network Chat
Networked relayed Commands
Misc Tools for:
*Viewing all graphics in the sprite cache
*New Logging feature
*Create New Connection
*Send Command through Connections

This demo isn't just added features to the previous build, but actually an entirely new program based on the concepts that I learned that I should have had in the original. So this was the reason for the long delay between builds. [smile]

Things that I still need to get done before tonights demo:
*Automatic two way connection when a new connection is formed (currently the other player has to connect to your ip as well)DONE
*Pathing (the fluid actor movement that I had in the first builds)
*Ability to change the tile and vert (easy to do)
*Ability to make new verts (easy to do)

So yeah.... back to coding :)
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