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GDC Backlog

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GDC Backlog

Here are some writeups that I didn't get a chance to finish before the end of last week.

IP Deal Breakers: The Five Intellectual Property Rights Developers Should Not Bargain Away
Stephen Rubin

This turned out to be a very good presentation on the ins and outs of negotiating IP rights.

Attracting Women to Game Development - Day 3
Roundtable Discussion
Sande Chen and Michelle Sorger

I only made it to Day 1 and Day 3 of the Attracting Women to Game Development roundtables. Overall, some very good discussion occurred.

How to Raise Venture Capital to Build a Game Company
John Welch

I also attended Will Wright's presentation, "The Future of Content". However, Will's presentations are an audio-visual experience that I doubt I could do justice too. So I'm not going to post coverage of it, except to say that it was awesome--as it always is. The game he demo-ed, "Spore", looks to be one I'll be buying when it comes out. The possibilities in that game are...well...awe-inspiring. You had to be there. If you missed it, look for the demo at E3 in May.

Special Thanks to...

GDNet (of course)
Ephraim Cohen
Kent Quirk
Ben Sawyer
Emi Smith
Jenifer Niles
Every Exhibitor who gave me something to bring home to the kids. =)
Every Party Sponsor who provided an open bar.

Some last GDC "Shout Outs":

Sande - Miss you already. Have fun in Taiwan! Work on the book will go forward in your absence. Promise. =)
Ricardo - Great to see you again, man. Until the next serious games get together, have fun!
Michelle & Elaine - I enjoyed meeting you both (again), and actually getting to talk to you this time. Viva la Girls in Games!
Eric - Great meeting you, and talking to you. Maybe the parties will be more to your liking next year... ;-)
Sarah - As always, it's a treat to talk to you. I hope you had a great flight back. Here's hoping that I'll make it out that way this year. Good luck with the new business!

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