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Fear the colorblind artist!

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I cranked out a few textures for the dodecahellspawn. Right now, I'm using the faux stained glass look. By using different gradiants to generate backgrounds and differing central motifs, each piece should be recognizable as part of distinct faces. Hopefully.

I've got about half the textures done. Right now there are some pretty ugly placeholders in for the other faces. But I like how the moonlight crane and the rose textures came out.

After I get the stained glass set done, I'm thinking about experimenting with other texture themes. I think a Sluggy Freelance themed dodecahellspawn would be interesting. I should probably put that off until after I finish coding more however.

Next up, I'll probably work on reading configuration data from a file. I'm thinking XML right now. Either that or I'll tweak the rendering a little to bring out the stained glass effect a bit more. (Ok, it actually might mean tweaking the rendering a lot and screwing with the textures some, but if it was easy it wouldn't be as much fun.)
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Thanks. :)

Well, I admit to cheating a little. Each panel's color scheme is determined by a set of premade gradiants that normal color seeing people have come up with. So you're spared the worst effects of my lack of color coordination.

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