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More reasons to keep a strict schedule

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Whoa!! Where am I? Oh yeah! Sipping some more wine at the end of my day. My previous post went on about how much I would be able to accomplish by the end of last week. While I did manage to add a few lines it appears that I basically just took last week off.

Anyways, I managed to get back into the swing of things early this morning. The add-new-shader dialog is now complete. This dialog also helps the user edit / manage shader templates - The default templates are read-only.

I've begun working on a separate but related project. It's a 3D software rasterizer that uses SDL (I knew I'd find a good use for it). Working name is Softy3D. It will be compatible with the Depth Engine's static and animated models. Though I doubt there will be support for shaders anytime soon. [smile] My main reason for developing Softy3D is that it is a prime target for low level optimizing. And that just sounds like a lot of fun.
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Software rasterizers are actually very useful for occlusion culling, so you'll find a use for it. Besides the fun, of course [smile].

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I'm wondering how I could use one in such a way? No matter, that's a long way off still. Thanks for the tip.

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