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Yay, productivity

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Evil Steve


Thanks to all those who tried my MUD. 11 new users since yesterday [smile]
I actually got a lot done today, mostly to do with my client - DruinkIM. Now both my MUD and client support unicode (Hooray!). The problem is though, that the client can't read UTF-8 text, which is the best to use. The reason is that the TA2 protocol uses 7 of the 8 highest bits in a byte, which are needed for UTF-8. So I'd run into all sorts of problems trying to work out of the data is a TA2 feature byte, or if it's a UTF-8 character.
So, I got around this with some simple trickery. The MUD server can read UTF-8 text. This means that everything, including telnet can use it perfectly well if they don't need any non-ASCII characters. When a UTF-8 character is read, the input layer converts the bytes into a ASCII-text tag. For example, the UK pound symbol (GBP, code 0xC2A3) gets converted into <-x163>. This tag then gets processed in the conversion layer, along with any other tags like bold, colour, etc.
When it's time to send the string, I convert the output depending on the protocol the client is using (which was done already to allow 24-bit colours to TA2 capable clients). If the client is advertised as Druink protocol, I don't need to do any conversion. I send the processed string to the client, and it processes it. If the client is a TA2 protocol client, I erase all unicode characters, since they can't understand them. If it's a telnet client (negotiating or non-negotiating), then I convert the character to UTF-8 and send it out, hoping that the client can understand UTF-8.

In my client, if you try to send non-ASCII, you have 3 ways of sending it, as advertised by the Protocol settings page:
Protocol settings page of DruinkIM
  • No Unicode support just ditches the unicode characters in the input and doesn't bother trying to send them. Useful if you want to use DruinkIM in a MUD that doesn't do unicode
  • UTF-8 will convert the unicode values to UTF-8 and send them
  • Druink tagged converts the unicode values to <-x???> style tags, and sends those. I can't see why you'd want to use this over UTF-8, but the option is there.

    I also released a new update (well, 2) of DruinkIM. So if any of you downloaded it, you get to see the auto-updater working :P Here's a list of what's changed (straight from version.txt):
  • Currsong now has position and duration parameters
  • Weather plugin can format as 'C, 'F and 'K, and parses feeds that are in Farenheight (Thanks, America...)
  • Removed /code plugin, was only used for spamming
  • Removed /diskspace command, was only used for spamming
  • Fixed bug in /blend
  • Disabled Nagle algorithm while pinging, to get a more accurate time
  • Fixed bug with events where $TITLE and $ARTIST sent track number
  • Fixed bug with events where no newline was sent after text
  • MSN conversation pastes are nicely formatted now
  • Added support from Druink protocol (allows unicode characters)
  • Changed default currsong string and post-login string
  • Modified "TA2 Protocol" settings page to "Protocol"
  • Added support for outgoing UTF-8
  • Added support for Druink tagged Unicode (<-x???> tags)

    I also fixed the following bugs/features in the server:
  • You can no longer send a line that contains just format tags. The server will just ignore the line
  • Fixed a minor bug in 24-bit to telnet colour conversion
  • Fixed a parsing error where "<-x123<-0>>" was displayed as "<-x123<-0>>" instead of "<-x123>" (I.e. the inner tag wasn't parsed)
  • You can no longer log in twice at the same time using the same username. The first connection will get disconnected
  • Changed the flood counters. You can now send 10 lines (instead of 5) before it's considered flooding and you get auto-kicked
  • The MySQL database shouldn't idle timeout any more (hopefully)
  • Telnet negotiation sequences are now logged (Not really a bug, but it's something to list...)
  • Telnet codes Are You There, Erase Character (AKA backspace) and Erase Line are now correctly handled

    Tomorrow I hope to add commands to the MUD, just some basic ones like /me, /quit, /sayto, etc, and anything else I can think of. I have a few more features I want to add to DruinkIM, since my todo list has a few things on it:
  • Add option for showing text instead of / as well as icons (in toolbar)
  • Add option to timestamp log lines
  • Add maximum history buffer option
  • Make settings dialog non-modal
  • Add "Apply" to settings dialog
  • Add /specs command for CPU, memory, resolution, video card, etc - Not sure about this. It'll probably be in a plugin anyway
  • Add more text decorations - 1337, pirate, etc
  • A manual!

    Well, that's it. It's 3:45am here now, so I'd better goto bed...

    EDIT: Thumbnailed image
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    I am vaguely interested in adding Druink protocol support to WS client, which is scheduled to come out when I drop dead, or when DNF is released - whichever comes first.

    Just a pointless heads up.

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    Well, Druink protocol is exactly the same as the TA2 protocol, except the least significant bit is used to mean "there follows 6 hex digs representing a unicode character", but only if TA2BIT_ENABLE is set. Otherwise, just ignore it.
    If there's a colour and a unicode value, the colour comes first.

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    Ah, funky. I was hoping we'd eventually use that last bit for <blink> 'ing text :)

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    Ah, funky. I was hoping we'd eventually use that last bit for <blink> 'ing text :)


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