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OGRE, Linux, and programming competitions

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Before I start i'll just say that it's late and i'm tired, so excuse the many mistakes that i'm sure to make, this is more like a braindump [grin].

Today I was sitting in the computer lab at school and what did my ears pick out of a conversation on the other side of the room? OGRE. That's right, someone else in my immediate area is making games, and they're using OGRE to help them along.

I was actually pretty excited to hear this. I thought I was one of only ones in my city who wanted to make games, but it appears i'm not alone! Me and this guy and possibly some others will probably start on some sort of project in the future, which I think will be awesome. I still have to poke around OGRE more in depth to feel more comfortable with it though.

The guy gave me all of his code and resources to glance through, so i'll do that just to see what's up. He made a Connect 4 game which looks pretty cool. He's using release 0.15 of OGRE I believe and working on Linux, so i'll have to see if I can get it running in version 1.0 of OGRE on Windows [smile].

Speaking of Linux, the same guy gave me a disc for Klax, a cd bootable distribution of Linux. I ran it in my laptop a little while ago, and aside from longer loading times due to the fact that it's always reading from CD, I kind of liked it. It was my first experience with Linux and it seemed much different than I had envisioned. It autodetected all the hardware and all I had to do is sit there and wait. The only bad part came when i exited and rebooted with the cd out so that I could go back to Windows, the screen was tiny and the colors were like 256 colors. I tried rebooting again and it said my display drivers weren't working! panic!! i tried rebooting once more and everything seems back to normal, so i'm happy. I'll give linux some more attention in the future.

Ah yes, before I forget, long before I knew that the above guy was doing games, we had all been asked if we wanted to go to a programming competition in April, I was unsure, but me, the guy above (Brian), and another guy (Joe) were checking out past competitions for example problems and we got hooked, so, if i'm in town at the time of the competition, i'll be going to my first programming competition. I really don't know what to expect, but if it's anything like the problems we've done in our spare time, it should be quite fun. I need to pick up a little info about using STL so that I have an understanding about the basics at least so we may be able to save some time.
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