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Final comments on GDC

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but first a parting gift given to me by DavidRM

This GDC will be remembered for the "GDC flu" which led some of the speakers to lack of voice and a scattering of schedule. It was the first time we met in S.F., and in Moscone, which was exciting, even though we were used to S.J. It was crowded, from the get-go, which seemed unlike any other GDC, and the Wednesday morning was unbelievably crowded.

This GDC was the first year for Girls in Games. Although the group had shown a demo at the Microsoft Women Celebrating Women in Game Development Party the previous GDC, it was not under the name Girls in Games. We got incorporated, changed the name, and spread the word at GDC. Our roundtable went swimmingly well and thank you to all that participated!

I think that Girls in Games is at the crux of many converging issues. First off, we had the Quality of Life Summit, which spotlighted the issues that often concern women in game development. Concurrently, the Casual Game Summit and Mobile Summit repeatedly stated the importance of female players (and their respective dollars) in the game market. And then, our roundtable gave voice to the frustration of many that there were not enough women involved in game development.

Obviously, I had some goals for GDC, some of which included Girls in Games. I have noticed within myself a tenacity. I can be very goal-oriented and drive toward that goal. I'm not talking about drive as in "passion for gaming" but a stick-to-it-iveness, the ability to identify a goal and go after it. I think it's a rather innate quality, a spark that can't be taught.

However, I think that being in journalism definitely honed this ability. You call because you've gotta call. You do because you've gotta do it. Or else your story is gone. Gaiiden, speaking of 3 AM scribblings, that's the way it is.

So, one of my goals this year was to go to a lot of parties. That's because last year I felt like I didn't really attend GDC and spent way too much time in the hotel suite. And the purpose of parties, despite what you think, isn't best met with free beer and food, it's that you get the opportunity to meet other people. To expand your circle. While I can probably walk around GDC and see people, I definitely enjoyed GDC this year because I met a lot of people that I hadn't known before. I met friends or friends, I re-introduced myself to others, and some people, I met while waiting on line.

In total, I went to 15 parties. I'm sure there were more, because we knew where they were located but just didn't go. It was nice to round out the evening Thursday at Denny's, just kicking back and mildly talking shop.
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