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My girlfriend record American Idol with the DVR so she can watch it with her friends. It is on TV at 7pm here, for one hour. I get home at 6:40pm and usualy turn on the TV for some background noise as I putz around on the computer. But I cannot have the TV on when that show is being aired, at least not when I can help it. So I turn the TV off because I cannot change channels when it is recording, I could watch a movie or something, but I'm not watching I'm listening it to only. I listen to alot of reruns. Yeah, I just dont like watching that show. So I will take this dark silence and do the next Ogre Wiki Tutorial : "RaySceneQueries and Basic Mouse Usage (Part 1 of 2)". Ohh, I can't wait.

I finished the last tutorial : "Animation, Walking Between Points, and Basic Quaternions", and I even finished the exercises up to and including the "Difficult Questions". I am too eger to learn more right now, then to play redesign-your-code. But I say to you, if you are ready to try an open source engine; Ogre is my first venture away from just using DirectX, and I am finding it to be capable of doing everything I want it to. And I'm sure more too, very sure.

PS: Try Psycho Boy 3D (beta), fun.
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