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Entry #101

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  • Random Observation of the day!!
    I need to take a course on obfuscated, indirectionated, un-intuitive code. Take one, or teach one. I haven't yet figured out whether I'm an expert or not.

Got in a fight with SDL_net today. Well, last night. Apparently, there's no way to check a socket for pending data, and SDLNet_TCP_Recv(..) waits until it gets the amount of data you requested. Which can be a problem if the server doesn't send anything. And the server didn't send anything. PEH!

Currently working on: Ramen soup, and getting to Lv41 in Maplestory

Oh, and as a
  • secondary observation of the DAY!!
    Maplestory is reopening registration from Friday to Tuesday. Their site can be found hier. My nick is "Mushu3", if you want to contact me in-game.
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