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Nothing exciting

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Evil Steve


I got a little done to my MUD, nothing spectacular though. There's still only one room, but there's a few commands. Currently quit, help and setprotocol. I'm too lazy to add any more just now.
I also fixed a few "bugs":
  • You can only have 4 connections per IP now
  • No more than 1024 users can be connected at one time (Yeah, like that'll ever get exceeded)
  • Protocol is stored in the database, so it'll be remembered when you log out
  • New protocol (telnet, but without UTF-8)
    Although the protocol is stored in the DB, if you use DruinkIM to log in and request a protocol (Druink or TA2), that'll override your saved preference. However, it's useful if you use Telnet to connect, and you don't want to have to disable UTF-8 every time you log in, if your telnet client doesn't support it (windows telnet doesn't, linux telnet does, and so does PuTTY)
    I want to try and get rooms dome tomorrow, and I want to get started on scripting, since that'll be interesting. Then I can do a couple of basic quests. Hooray!
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    Whoops - Sorry Deranged, I screwed up the new user SQL statement. I've fixed it now if you're reading this and want to try to register again.

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