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... no that wasnt it.

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Yeah, so.. I didnt get anywhere with that tutorial. I think it was more of an exercise in how to install dependencys for Ogre. Its pretty simple at first, I just need CEGUI. However that little tool has 3 dependencys, boost, something, and something else. Lets say I only made it thru boost. Downloaded, and compiled it, took dang long enough. I dont have the correct Java installed I guess, because the .jam files didnt work for me. So I had to download some more stuff and compile that, just to compile boost. Not what I wanted to do. But I guess it bring me to something that I have come to, dependencys are OK. Maybe they are even good to have. I have been thinking, that when I start making progress with Ogre, I will start using Newton for phy/col. And FMOD for sound, something for this, and another for that. Seems like there will be either one big bloated exe, or a super small exe, with 4-5 dll files required to be present. Back to what I wanted to say, this is all fine. As long as using these tools makes programming the game easier, I don't care if I need to spend 2 days of downloading and compiling... as long as the user does not need to do anything. I mean, once you build the app you may need to include some support files, but that is something that we would be required to know. So we would either bundle the files w/ the install (simple), or instruct the user to go get the files from the vendor (angry customers).

PS. Read, I like reading.

edit: removed finished-the-wrong-thought ending.
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