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Done and done. Well, sort of done.

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CivEdit has transcended to complete, while basic, functionality. This landmark is halled with the sigil 'beta' instead of alpha, and has been been moved to version 0.3.

Whereas previous screenshots were carefully captured to display maximum potential and minimum bugs, I now present you a screenshot of the editor that acts exactly the way it looks like it acts.

Visually, little difference can be discerned from earlier builds. However, major additions have been coded to the structure of the objects, and what information those objects hold. As well, the manner in which tiles are 'painted' on by the user to create landscapes has been drastically altered for maximum intuitiveness. I will now officially begin work on the AI, while simultaneously updating code to the editor. For example, I still plan on implementing a minimap to both CivEdit and CivSim.

Everything is going according to the plans which I never drew. Excellent.
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