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Regarding the image: Yep, it's Jim Carrey. I've had to do some image googling to find that one. You never know what results you get when searching for "dumb retard" - among what I got, with moderate safeSearch on is: Lesbians kissing, one guy plunging a machinegun into another guy's umm...back, stuff like that.Thank God it wasn't off...

As for C++ IO, streams > *

Well, dear sir, if you can show me how to easily input and output unicode (or any wide characters), I'd be grateful.

The default implementation of wide-streams in VC++ simply outputs byte 0 of wide characters, and ignores the rest. Same goes for input, IIRC. Basically, the conversion that happens by default is implementation-defined, IIRC (i.e. any implementation can choose what to do), which means if you write code for one compiler that does it right for you, it won't work on others. You have to write your own code to do it. And facets and codecvts are horrific. To quote SiCrane, in this legendary-thread (where none other than Fruny, Sneftel, and Sicrane posted):
No, no. I have no doubts about your current level of sanity. After all, delving into dark lore such as the Necromonicon, the Book of Eibon or the internationalization facilities of the C++ standard library doesn't take its toll all at once. It's more of a greater damage the more you learn effect. Just remember not to do anything with locales when Mercury is in the fifth house.

C++ streams are more of a proof-of-concept to me. I've used wxStrings and streams before, and IMO they do what should've been done, providing internationalization facilities. In fact, one of the most GOD DAMN ANNOYING things about C++ to me is that it's like "Designed for english speakers, by english speakers". Basically, if you want anything other than ASCII, write it yourself. Of course, you write it once and use it all the time from there, but why am I supposed to do that, to start with?

We're in 2005. Our OSes are internally built on Unicode (Starting from Win2K). It's a shame.

(If I hear the term 'backward compatability' as an excuse, I'm going to cry. Right away)

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I'm not sure that is Jim...eyes seem different.

I guess we English speaker's don't know how good we have it. What a shame that Unicode isn't fully supported by C++.

Does this mean I shouldn't have summoned the 50 names of Marduk from the Necromonicon?

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unfortunately, you are right :(
but with unicode or without I won't use C# :P
C/C++ is my favourite language and It'll remain so.

for unicode streams check this, don't reinvent the wheel.

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